Games that are free of carelessness and based on simple and innocent logic either. Many games are based on fallen men's culture or appetites - including those that are said to be meant for Christian (either by pagan developers or deceived professors of Christianity). So any recommendation of curated game applications created or mobilised  by a Bliblical Christian would be appreciated.

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Its was because a dedicated and Biblical development of Christian computer and mobile games for kids could not be found that the Christian friendly Kids Games project was undertaken. But again as with the question on kids videos, we aim to conduct a formal search for such libraries online and then expand upon this answer. And we aim to note out our concerns with as many professed Christian kids games or studios as we may find but but yet be unable to recommend or endorse. Otherwise, our own project does pledge for consistent conformity to the Bible and are ever open to discuss and aspect that may appear controversial to Biblical assertions.

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