i am looking for a worthy online community I could try and be part of for any possible inbound as well as outbound edification. Is there any that you could recommend? I understand I should have to tame my activity on such community lest it be in access and blame worthy.

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It may not be easy to find a Christian forum that is perfect, however it is indeed should ever be possible to tell the difference between forums that are pressing towards the mark of the prize of the high calling of God from those that are essentially blind and sluggish. Having said that, an online community I have found that seems a lot close to worthiness is the one hosted at SermonIndex.net - I indeed say a lot close because I hold a few things I would do slightly different if I were brother Gordon (but perhaps there's an explanation)

Probably due to reported abuse, the forum (amongst others) does offer the option of receiving email notifications of replies on threads you started or replied to. Something I find to be a very huge draw back especially for a forum - but I reckon one could bring in a 3rd party feeds tool for this. Otherwise, here are Christian forum types you want to avoid for Christ's sake. 

  • Forums that sells ads - especially through secular networks like Google Adsense
  • The forums that have general carelessness over media files (images and videos) used and hosted onsite. This includes but not limited to profile pictures as well as those images and videos featured on posts. Yes this normally indicate the blindness of the forum's officials.
  • Forums that will foster or keep online threads on plain vain subjects or replies that are of themselves plain vain.
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