I am a Christian web developer who have used the Google reCapitcha for spam detection on a few site I developed. I however recently came to be concerned of the fact that while usually a simple tick, the tool will bring in an image challenge whenever it has reasons to suspect the particular visitor. I from this te had to quite using it but it really there no way to configure it so it only uses the tick? I'd rather deal with the few spam that may subdue the tick challenge than have my site visitors deal with images the cleanness of which I can never be able to vouch for.

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This does not seem to have ever been possible but Google recently launched reCapitcha V3 that does the spam detection task without direct user interactions. This means a side visitor can be checked for bot or human interactions without them ticking or taking an image challenge. The method setup may be a little more advance but solves the image change concern neatly.
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