Particulary one that will allow the blocking of ads as well as images. Tried Opera mini with no success. Or is there a really Christian friendly internet browser? Something designed by a sound Christian with personal holiness in mind?

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While not aware of a dedicated Christian developed browser (not to say it does not exist), you can block both ads and images on Firefox for mobile. You shall need to install the Adblock add-on for ads blocking and use their built in Data saver image blocking feature. I find Chrome a lot stable for PC ads and image blocking needs. All this said, it would beneficial to have a browser developed and maintained with Christian personal holiness in mind - which would thus come enriched with features that should complement a safer internet browsing experience. A feature I dream of is one that should be able to identify and filter out images contain sensuality/obscenity. And with similar technology reported to be already used out there, this proves to be more of a possibility than a mere dream. 

P.S: A browser project for Android undertaken here: (offering features such as native ads and images blocking). While this certainly cannot fairy compare with mainstream browsers yet, it seems to offer saints Christian virtue. You may read more on both its available features as well as aspired ones on the above link. 

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