Recently got a new Android device that I have just tried to setup. Any tips or recommendations on how I could further gear it towards possibly being as Christian friendly as an Android device could be?

1 Answer

  1. First off I would recommend you download and use Firefox as your mobile phone browser. This is because it lets you disable images and this is a necessary feature for a Christian looking to observe personal holiness. More on this here:. Firefox for mobile will also let you block ads which can often be offensive (image ads particularly). Further reading on this on the blog post: Some measures biblical Christians may adopt to help keep safe online
  2. Second you will need to change the default homepage address/url to any one that you trust. I used to have but recently realized they have potentially vain clip arts in the place of their Google logo during special events or celebrations.
  3. Install Simple keyboard instead of the default Gboard. This will keep you from sad GIFs, Stickers that Gboard and other keyboards generally feature with next to no option to disable.
  4. Disable the Youtube app. Not only do I find YouTube at large very much Christian unfriendly but find the app version worse as it allow for next to no optimizations. And you can there expect great devastation from video ads even if you may 
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