I recently got Android device that come preloaded with Google Chrome browser amongst other apps. When opened, the browser default to homepage address that is rather offensive to a Christian looking observe personal holiness. The website seems to belong to the service provider under which the device was marketed. May I know how or if it's possible to set it to another address or even a new tab?

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This is possible and in fact you can choose whether to assign a custom home page url or to have the feature disable/toggled off. This can be done by navigating to the menu on the top right > Settings > Home page > toggled off by moving the slider the left or assign an url under Open this page.

However for an even better Christian mobile browsing experience, I will recommend you use Mozila's Firefox. This is because this will, together with letting you set a custom url, also offer the ability to block images and ads from loading on webpages - features I fine to be absolute essentials for a Christian looking to minimize offense on the internet. While blocking images is part of the Firefox core, a extension or add-on to for the ads blocking functionality. you will nedd As Han be done by simply navigat
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