I am at the moment looking for any library of worthy (Christian compiled or curated) materials for grade 1 but should soon need grade 2 and so on. And our 2nd born is due for grade R next year. We homeschool them due to lack of access to a local biblical Christian school. We have had to use paid Grade R materials for our 1st born last year and found them infitraded with fallen man's culture (and appetites). We do not mind paying but do wish for carfully compiled materials that are in essence atheistic and vile. While a few more concerns existed, we were greatly concerned about the careless clip art usage. Which will often be found vain, arogant, obscene or just generally resembling more of a fallen's appetite that that consistent with Christ's person and holiness - which are of God. Some free materials exist online that are ads powered but are often not user friendly due to being presented in a manner that aim to get the most ads impressions rather than maximized accessibility convenience. An adblock can be used for ads but accessibility issues remains. A pointer should be greatly appreciated :)

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While largely work in progress at the moment, the likeChrist Ministries' elementary education project is looking to try and bridge this very gap. Looking to compile or curated materials compiled under a biblical Christian's supervision or facilitation. In this way the use of potentially controversial clip arts (among other offensive tendencies) should be effectively evaded. The materials are expected to be accessible at no charge and downloadable in bulk (achieved zip, etc). In rare cases where there may be significant national differences on scopes, efforts shall be made to source and host appropriate derivatives. The ministry is looking to live on donations from enabled Christian parents who shall perceive the gab we shall be filling in thus making the said educational resources available in a Christian friendly manner.

P.S: I have recently come across a certain  A.C.E Christian curriculum by aceministries.com that seem to be established and main stream (that is non-Catholic). I have so far only read around it but it seems quite hopeful and commendable. I hope to expand upon this post script once we should  try and enrollo Grade 1 who was in desperate need of materials.

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