We are a family of 5 with the oldest of our 3 sons approaching 7. We leased an aparment near a waste water processing plant. And unfortunately often get divastated by odor from there - normally late night through morning. Were have tried to take advantage of weather trips without much success. We of cause have been praying about the whole - desiring that the Lord would grant that we relocate away but we have yet to prevail for the same. I read that the odorous gas connected to waste water processing plants is Hydrogen Sulphade (H2S) and have also read quite much about activated carbon and its ability to trap gasses. I have sadly also read from this one or two sources that plain activated carbon does not trap quite much of H2S. And wonder exactly what this means. I am looking at buying a roll of activated carbon pre-filter pad which I could then cut and line possibly leaking arears like windows and door (in of cause a manner that they can still open during off peark moments) to force any inbound gases to pass throug it but wonder if a fair amount should be trapped. We only have a simple water based purifier at hand but could force and get one HEPA and carbon but feel we still need to lock out as much as we can. Being a lease property, we unfortunately can do only so much modifications before be are guilty of vandalism that is not Charitable. Any advise appreciated.

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What I have so far is that the pores on the activated carbon surface is likely to trap non hydrogen sulphade gases. Resulting in premature filling requiring replacement. And also that unless treated specially further, plain activated carbon is not as efficient.
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