I have an Android powered smartphone and understand that Google Play Store is provisioned for additional functionallity applications but I do not find their interface Christian friendly particularly due to some of the applications/games featured images being somewhat obscene in their nature. I am not a heavy user but I seldomly have to go around there mostly for productivity applications. So just wondering if there may exist a Christian friendly app store for Android. I fear the same must be the case for other mobile computing platforms.

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There seemingly exist no dedicated Christian-curated and maintained appstore for the Android computing OS, sadly. If the web version of the Google Play Store offered all features offered on the Play Store app, then one could simple disable images and then ever use that web platform for searching and installing application. But upon testing, I found this greatly limited and can be of no much help on this concern. What one could do for the time being is: 1. Search for Play Store apps via internet browser and you should be redirected to the pertinent app's Play Store page upon clicking on their links there. The only possible caveat being related apps but the risk should be minimal. Or 2. Depend on apk service offerers like APKPure and APKMirror whenever you can safely get away with. We must contend however that these too must be visited with images turned of as we cannot vouch for their cleanness as they must be services belonging to the pagans. Several caveats exist for this approach as well such as a somewhat limited list, version differences, etc but it is a very valid option.  The likeChrist Ministries does wish to build and maintain a multi-platform appstore for this very concern should the Lord permit. We must however first try to verify the possible efficiency as well as ensure that it be no project that is already undertaken by another biblical Christian.
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