I use an Android powered smartphone and both Gboard and SwiftKey comes with Emoji, GIF and stickers tabs the content of which I do not find sympathetic to Christian holiness (obscene, vain, arrogance, etc) for personal holiness' sake. And it seems there is no way to completely disable those. Is there an Android keyboard app that does not come with these at all?

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There is an Android app that comes free of both these shames. The app is called Simple Keyboard and is available on the Google Play Store. I do not find the Play Store to be at all Christian friendly and would rather refer you to a credible apk source rather but I am currently unaware of one (please refer here instead). We may extract the apk and host it on the likeChrist' servers but we have yet to evaluate the scalability of the approach. I in fact often long after a dedicated Christian friendly cross-platform smartphone app store project. One that should seek to present a threat-free application sourcing experience. I must note though that you may find yourself missing features such as prediction as well as voice typing as the Simple Keyboard app left those out in it's quest for simplicity. Peace God.

P.S: I have for sometime now been contemplating on taking up the open source 'AnySoft Keyboard' and then labour to make from it a Christian friendly keyboard for Android. I have in fact had it downloade and loaded to the Android Studio a few times for to attempt a test build - only to find that building seems to be only possible from CMD or something. The usage of which seems to require a little research first on my part - unless if I should pay someone to carry the task on my behalf.

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