Any dedicated evangelical Christian developed browser out there? Or any recommendation from the existing ones that may be complementary to a Christian who must use the internet every now and then?

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While I assert that a dedicated, biblical Christian developed browser should offer many virtuous advantages, non seems to exist as of now - no, Pure Browser does not seem to be it either sadly

The best we can do for now is seemingly to exploit any of the mainstream browsers offering comparatively more complementary flexibilities (be it natively or through extensions/add-on). For example, I use Firefox on Mobile (I now use the LC Browser on mobile as per the below P.S) and Chrome on PC. Firefox allows blocking of ads (through an add-on) and images natively while Chrome seems to achieve this better than Firefox on PC - especially with Mozilla's 2019 extensions breakdown (or just something I am missing). With all this said, the likeChrist Ministries aspires to undertake a project on a dedicated Christian developed and maintained browser. Of cause expecting to use existing sources rather than building one from scratch as this is probably not necessary to achieve the desired level of control and flexibility. We in very deed do mean to verify that there really exist no such project first.

P.S: Browser project for Android undertaken (with ads and images blocking features). Hoped to evolved into and multi-platform Christian browser of choice for many conservative Christians.

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