Alms is a wordpress site that is based on woocommerce. With the alms requests handled as products, I am looking for an intergration that will allow Christian givers to subscribe for notifications on newly published alms/help requests. And I therefore understand that I should need a plugin that allows subscription to newly published Woocommerce products but this does not seem to exist as yet. A worthy solution was to use a MailChimp compaign that checks for new products at the shop feeds address and accordingly email audience on a predefined list (built using some MC subscription box). Unfortunately, with a free plan MailChimp insist on adding their rewards program on the footer of every email (I understand). And I feared this was a potentially material concern as I did not wish to end up promoting a service I cannot be at all proud of for Christ' sake. My hope now is to find a simple subscription box plugin that will help collect emails onto a local database and then again some way to check the shop feeds (like MC would) and trigger emails from this database each time a new product (alms request) is detected. The authors of the engine Alms is based must indeed have a solution for this but they too must require a premium plan first - something that has not been affordable to data. Any assistance on how exactly I could cook this up for the time being would be greatly appreaciated. I am a non skilled programmer but wishes to be expended on these ministries for the Kingdom God and his Christ's sake.

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Apparently a plugin that does this already existed. Not sure how I missed it as I thought I was earnest and thorough on my web search :) Once installed, I could access and add it as a widget on the footer. Have to test it but expect it to work well. Else I should have to try and modify it as MailChip is indeed not a valid option for the need.
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