I am aware that I can disable my own profile picture from showing up on my contacts phones but can I disable their profile pictures from showing on phone? As Christian (chargeable of personal holiness) I find some of my contacts' profile pictures to be quite offensive as they have a tendency to be somewhat obscene. Thanks

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This unfortunately does not appear to be possible nor is it seemly easy to suggest and have implemented as Whatsapp is pagan owned. And therefore unlikely that this may be a concern worth investing upon. What said, it may be best for Christian to look into mobilizing the development of a dedicated messaging platform that should seek to complement Christian holiness so far as possible. Especially since data service based communication will likely become main stream (if not already). The likeChrist in fact wish to undertake this very project should it be that non exist. Of cause unless if there exist a valid alternative to these data service based telecommunications application services.

P.S: We accordingly undertook an instant messaging service project based on Firebase for server-side. We only have an Android client at the moment but we are looking to offer an ISO as well as web client versions should grace abound over the whole.

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