I am looking for credible online platform where evangelical Christians can give as well as ask for alms amongst themselves in the name of evangelical Christian charity. More like a crowdfunding platform but one that is adapted to work in the Christian sphere - to try ensure that such funds change hands in a God honorable manner.

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When I could not find a worthy platform to source funds particularly for the likeChrist Ministries kids work (you may see the blog post: Christian Crowdfunding Platforms Reviewed by a Protestant), I went on to undertake a project (Alms) that should try and fill in for the very need. Dedicated to ascertain that these graces take place between evangelical Christian givers as well as those in need.

To achieve this, we commit to reviewing all submitted alms appeals and only publish those that demonstrate potential to redound to the glory of God through Christ (once given to). As well as laboring to ever remind those who are disposed to give of the fact that giving is in vain unless if done from truly reconciled heart. In hope that only givers who are fully persuaded to be evangelical should be motivated to give - while the rest are deterred.

Again for efficiency related reasons, the platform is only available to Christian believers - though requests by believers for non-believers in need are welcome. Not only does this ensure credibility but that the believer is then also hoped to will give thanks to God once the alms request is honored.

Our Protestant (non-Catholic) statement of faith is located here.

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