I have had success for moths in disabling the YouTube application (amongst other few GAPPs). However all of a sudden, the YouTube app (together with this one News app) See to auto enable themselves. Anyone know why this is happening, please. I lasted upgraded to Pie 9.0 and do not know if this had an influence. Yes the issue on hand never occurred until recently (couple of weeks the 9.0 upgrade). Its a Nokia 5

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P.S: We now use a separate device for them. One that should only connects to WI-FI on-damand (such as when there is a app to be added). Using this tool app to look up and download any such apps. Once done, the device is barred from the WiFi router and the Play Store app (which is still needed to handle the downloading and installing of apps in the background) gets disabled until needed again. 

Otherwise the foregoing turned out to be the explanation behind the mysterious seeming YouTube app. Though often with great trouble therewith, I ocassionally look up and download certain hopeful games for my sons off the Android Play Store. Some of which games will (to my dismay) feature elements that advertise their other game applications. While I often labour to discourage both sons to steer clear from clicking such app ads buttons, my 5 year old have yet to get this. When this buttons are clicked, a redirect to the pertinent Play Store app page happens - where feature screenshot about the app as well as video demo are normally hosted. When such demo videos are example clicked, one would be prompted to choose if they would like to enable YouTube (if previously disabled), play through it or play through browser. 

Ideally therefore, uninstalling the YouTube app would be best but this is often not provisioned for and often requires root rights.

  1. Yes Android does have its limitations and this is the main reason why we wish to undertake (as a sub-project of the likeChrist Ministries) a dedicated Christian friendly Android edition
  2. And yes I honestly would rather that we choose weather to have ads about other apps the developer offers. Or the place any such under their exclusive "parent section" for kids games. But of cause not everyone have regard to the Godly upbringing mandate. This is because a promising app does not always suggest that all apps by the developer are Christian sympathetic. These trickeries are otherwise one of the reasons why http://games.likechrist.co/ was considered.
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