Does anyone know how I can disable my email contact images from loading in my Android Gmail app inbox. The email contact's set profile picture loads up with emails I receive from them in my inbox. Only have a few have profile images set but this is still an issue for those few as some set images are not entirely appropriate and potentially a rock of stumbling for me (and probably wife as well).

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  • The UI is not as user-friendly as that of Gmail but K-9 Mail handles this issue best compared to the many email apps I tried. The settings is under Global Settings > Display...
  • While older Gmail app or that on Android Go version, offers a checkbox for 'Sender image' under Settings. And non-Go Gmail app version, offers one for conversations list view (Gmail app settings) > Conversation list density > Select 'Compact',  non of these affects the single conversation view - which negates the whole value of being able to do this for conversations list view. So using K-9 mail is by far the better way out if.
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