I am a Christian looking to undertake a for-profit but Christian oriented business. I do not have funds for the venture and am exploring possible Capital sources I could turn to. I already know that I am not to blindly endeavor to raise capital without consideration the Christian ethicality of my possible benefactors. Besides, it is highly unlikely that they should understant core drive behind the. I am aware of several online venture capital providers such as Chrisitanvc.com, TelosVentures.com, kingdomventures.com, etc. Are these or any other online worthy or evangelical. Is it possible to find out how these sources their funds - what business the investors of these providers are into? To hopefully understand if the funds they offer are worthy? I reckon it should be more virtuous to wait on God for funding than to settle for compromised funds.

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Below is a candid review of especially popular online Christian venture capital or business startup providers:

Beyondpartners.org: Beyondpartners, who appears (to me) like a hopeful service model for Christian business startups, seems to be essentially inactive now. With the latest gifting activity appearing to be over two years old. As with many Crowdfunding platforms touted as Christian oriented, this servicer appears to have been greatly dependant on social media for publicity. Probably the reason why they thus could not thrive.

Nehemiahventures.com:  While I not esteem Twiter at all especially for ministerial publicity, I try to follow Twitter page links where available to try and glen pieces of information about a website from their tweets, retweet, latest tweets, images, etc. NV appears to have last Twitted in 2017 - which should indicates a possible inactivty. Despite that I could not find their service model evangeically necessary, I see they had tweet about funds they were raising through a GoFundMe compaign for a certain AzuzaNow project. A practice I reckon compromised for reasons that should be better understood from this reveiw. I would therefore not recommend that any evangelical saint looking to raise venture capital even if NehemiaVentures did not appear thus inactive.

Telosventures.com: telos says to seek to make disciples through Gospel-centered ventures. And for sometime there I thought they appeared to be out to do just that throught Christ. Until I went to look at both their Twitter as well as portfolio pages. The tweets appears to glory much in business and thriving as opposed to being balanced and blend with the Christian faith the several quoted ventures are said to be about. I could not look closely into each quoted venture but did encounter one from their website portfolio page that appeared to be a solid red flag. A Cladwell service that is suppose to help folks choose what to were. Not only could I not find the service evangelically necessary but the sample clothing items on the sample video included tight jeans for female. A typical dressing code I have for years now concluded sensual and inconsistant with Christian modesty or holiness. For which reasons I cannot recomment that any saint looking to remain acceptable with God have anything to do with TelosVentures at large. Not until they should repent and do works worthy for repentence.

Christianvc.com: Christian Venture Capital  or Christianvc was another provider I had my hopes of ministry funding quite up on at first glance. Until busted mainly by tweets, retweets and the activities of their graphics designer partner Christianwebdesigner - insensible over sensual imagery. As established as the appeared, they have retweets (as well as website quotes from controversial televangelist like Joel Osteen). Unfortunately, this must mean that the Christianvc officials cannot be looked upon for evangelical and reliable Christian virtue. And therefore further must imply that some of their investors could be in businesses that we may not wish to have aught to do with for evangelical Christian holiness'sake.

Kingdomventures.com: This venture capital provider says to invest a min $500K to max $5M, and therefore may not be a option for smaller startup in the first. Unfortunately, this provider's officials appear somewhat insensitivity over imagery as per one pictures on their website's hearder. As well their speech appears to be somewhat business biased - leaving a lot of grace to be desired (for those who thus identify themselves with Christ). This they say of themselved: We look for exponential growth potential rather than incremental growth. We believe capital is a scarce commodity and that not every business deserves to be funded by professional investors. A statement that seems more RIO driven that balanced with purpose - especially a venture capital provide who identifies themselves as Kingdom-centered. Appart from the said somewhat inappropriatly and potentially offensive female figure image on this pr

Christianangelinvestors.com: Despite that this provider is only available for US based ventures, the following statement is noted on their homepage: Welcome to the # 1 Christian angel investment platform in the world, "For Christians, by Christians". Not only do I find this glorying vain and inconsistance with Christian humility but as well do not find it a fair and justified benchmark (though they were indeed great at what they do and allowed to thus glory). Perhaps with the exception of the business part of it, the speech of this venture capital provider as well proves void of the grace you would expect from the redeemed as admonished from the Holy Scriptures. Above both these is a female figure whore's chest is very shamefully bare on this provider's explainer video (posted on the homepage). Yes I felt all these were enough to deter me from the provider though I were in USA - enough pieces of info to leave one wondering if their investor's funds can be any worthy of the Lord. 

Christianbusinessangels.org: I encounterd this provider some months back and they could not earn my honor. They appearently they receive many applications each year (from particularly Kenyaen applicants) and from those award venture capital to one of their best choice. While I do not hold aught againtst purely philanthropic Christian ministries, I not only find this provider's model questionable but as well find their awarding criteria compromised. One of their previously awarded software-based venture is called branded BIGBrainz - a name that is neither modest nor humble so I find.  I could therefore not shortlist this provider nor would I recommend any Christian in Kenya looking for a worthy startup capital for their purposed "business as mission" for-profit venture. 

Figincubator.com: Amongst pieces of information that may be used to try and tell if Christian touted service is any sound is sensitivity of the service officials over imagery, A careless use of pententially offensive (sensual seeming imagery) are therefore a red flag. And while FigIncubator was amongst those I thought to be hopeful at first glance, I could not find some of the free stock images published on their portfolio 'crossstock' service site entirely modest or consistant with Christian love for the neighbough (labouring not be a stumbling block on another's path). Not only did I find several Christ-based images unnecessary but as well found a few rather offensive (somewhat sensual in nature).

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