When entering a search keyword in the address bar (aka omnibox), Chrome shows images (faces mostly) together with its suggested words or phrases. Any one know how I can disable this from happening please? I have tried some of the online suggested steps without success - disabling Onmnibox rich entity suggestions under: chrome://flags/#omnibox-rich-entity-suggestions

I am on Windows 10 64 bit if this piece of info can assist in any way. This feature appears to be experimental and I wonder if that is the reason why disabling does not seem to help :(

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There seem to be a bug around this experimental feature so I find. I have just found out that it seems further necessary to disable the entry: Omnibox Local Entity Suggestions as well. This I understand to be so because the following is noted in the entry's discription: Enabling this featurewill also enable #omnibox-rich-entity-suggestions. However disabling this as well did not seem to stop the suggestion images from showing. Unfortunately, this could be enough to have me retry Firefox or other mainstream browser. I aim to update this answer should any more information around the same comes up.

What finally worked (and that was after I have gone back to Firefox) has been to disable search or url suggestions. Previously searched (by order of frequency) seems to still work well. This too me is a lot as there were already several features I was missing for the few days I used Firefox (including the image blur add-on discussed here: https://www.likechrist.co/2020/04/16/blurring-web-images-as-an-alternative-to-blocking/ )
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