Any Christian friendly browser app for Android that anyone can recommend? Any that presents a covatable flexibilities that help present a sympathetic internet browsing experience for a Christian after God's own heart?

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As noted on the P.S added to the answers here and here, the likeChrist Ministries last undertook a browser project intended to be Christian oriented - that is one that should ever seek to present maximised Christian feindly internet browsing experince. Only an Android version is available at the moment but we are looking to add in both computer and iOS should grace abound over all. The Android version is currently available as an installer APK here - and hoped to be available on the Google Play store by and by  The browser app is currently available via Play Store (mainly for user peace of mind as APK-based distributions tend to pose security concerns). By the way we also offer a more Christian friendlier way of using the Play Store as we assert that the native interface is never Christian friendly.

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