I think it came with Android Nougat (7.0) but fortunately received both Oreo (8.1) and Pie upgrades. I never had to use the voice typing feature until after the Pie(9.0) upgrade it seems. Under Manage virtual keyboard, I see no Google voice typing to toggle off or on. And on the actual keyboard, pressing the microphone key has no reaction. I have tried both Gboard and some other custom ones with the same results. I also tried to manually install this but I neither know the proper common name nor the package name. Which makes it hard to try and search for the same. Any assistance on the proper direction to take appreciated.

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This particular feature appears to be contained within the Google - which I had disabled amongst a few pre-installed applications that I felt I had to disable. Well these applications were disabled mainly because I did not judge it wise to let the son's run onto them as they use my phone sometime (due to inapropriate blemishes inherent). And I truly struggled to find a worthy app lock as many appeared to have blemishes of their own. One was however recently undertaken under the likeChrist Ministries umbrella. And I should add a downloadable link to it once it is uploaded.
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