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Any worthy or Christian friendly instant messenger application for Android, that saints could recommend please? Several of the instant messenger applications I encountered out there do not at all offer a Christian friendly experience. From controversial utilities such as  lewd, arrogant, vain, etc emojis to client features that seems geared towards the promotion of the same abominations (and never to cater for the sober needs of users). Of cause it's no marvel as the great many of these are non-Christian developed. And therefore no evangelical Christian virtue can be expected of them.

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When the LC Messenger instant messaging service project was considered, it was because I could not find a worthy messenger application - neither for Android nor for iOS. That could not only present the desired virtues but as well be able to declare through evangelical zeal that it could be hoped upon for continued Godly virtue. More on both available as well as aspired prime features of the LC Messenger on the link here.

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