It seems virtually all Android instant messenger applications out are non-Christian developed. And therefore naturally adopt tons of features that are otherwise not Christian sympathetic. Does there exist any worthy alternative for Christians that the community may be aware of? While I understand these are typical exclusions we suffer as Christians, I reckon it is as much our portion, whenever we can help it, to develop and enjoy a complementary product or service (with thanksgiving).

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The likeChrist Ministries is developing and maintaining a Christian oriented Instant messenger app to try and bridge this evident gab. Only an Android based client is available at the moment but we are looking to offer both iOS as well as Web based clients should the Lord permit. All messenger clients are expected to offer maximum Christian friendliness while fostering effiency at all justified cost. You may read more on this here or download the Android installer APK from here. The app is not yet available on Google Play store for a reason accounted here. We are now intending to try and have it available there for reasons account here.

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