While I assert that there may not always be a need to hand a phone to children of certain age group, certain circumstances sadly tend to demand this. Unfortunately, doing this also tend to open doors to multiple threats of abuse (of the internet amongst other mobile features) to children who are cannot take enough responsibility just yet (many adults still cannot). I am aware that there exist tons of parental control applications that claims to address this concern. But seeing that a great many are not Christian developed (and those that are may still not be as credible depending on the actual evangelical position of the developer), which one offers evengelically efficient parental controlling? One(s) with approaches that really aims to satisfy the highest standards set by evangelical holiness.

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Several are I indeed generally applauded as great parental control apps (including Qastodian which offers support for several platforms including Android). And yes virtually non of these applauded apps are tautend as Christian oriented - as a result special scrutiny becomes necessary for each one. Below are key points I am persuated a worthy parental control app should offer.

  1. The ability to efficiently lock down the Android Settings application. Fortunately, most of the same apps are expected to offer this feature. Amongst other settings that needs to be kept under this lock (as part of parental controlling) is shall be disabled ill apps that come preinstalled (and not available for uninstalling) - apps such as Chrome, FMRadio, YouTube, etc.
  2. Ability to lock away all other user applications. This shall be necessary to, amongst others, lock down applications such as the PlayStore to keep the target user from downloading possibly reprobate applications that floods the store.
  3.  If at all possible, the app should come bundled with a worthy browser  else a worthy third party browser should be sought as the default Chrome cannot be sufficient. Yes a worthy browser should at the very least offer URL/domain, image as well as ads blocking, and of cause controlled access to the Settings page.
  4. Remote access to the target device by the parent or guardian.
  5. Controlled browser access to provide a handle for the parent or guardian over internet usage by the user.
  6. Remote activity tracking to allow the parent or guardian to avail real time monitoring.
  7. GPS based location tracking.
  8. Battery charge level monitoring.

Side notes:

  • Inform the child that thei device shall be under supervision. 
  • While it should be ever glorious to this archive, the idea behind parental controlling is to enforce the little expected of us by God over our children - and never to thereby earn their righteous. 
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