An mobile phone model built to be as Christian sympathetic as possible. One that comes geared towards Christian friendliness out of the box - from worthy preloaded apps, through safer internet browsing implementation to efficient parental control integration. One that could then be safer even on the hands of growing children (whenever they must use one)? I do not find a great many phones models to be so - but that it is often necessary to overhaul them extensively to try and avail the friendly setup. A task that may be over the head of many saints unfortunately.

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If this Android phone type exists, then it must likely be it it suffers poor marketing. This is because, as you may have noticed, nothing like it appears to come up when web a search is ran. Of cause there are several rationales that could account why it does not exist (if it indeed does not exist). Such as venture capital for an international market project, hardware manufacturers and credibility concerns, ect. Whichever the case, it appears evangelical Christiadom would appreciate this resource type. Several of GAPPs  (Google applications) that comes preinstalled with a great many Google certified  devices are not at all Christian sympathetic. And so are several ones that comes preloaded by carriers and device distributors. The likeChrist Ministries is therefore thus contemplating undertaking the same project should it be found that non like it has been undertaken. More in the name of evangelical Christian ministration than business RIO. Here are some tips on how you could archieve a more friendly configuration of your stock Android:

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