I for an example often get devastated by my bank app through careless use of imagery. I have the option to discontinuing it's use and stick with the online banking (as the PC browser does a decent blocking job) but I post here just in case there exist a way to block just images as the app truly does indeed offer lots of conveniences.

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This question is in a way similar to the one here and the answer provided to the same should therefore be applicable to this as well to some to some degree.Yes it be may be possible to use non-Xposed based approaches that may not even require root for several apps. However many others should require a specially built Xposed module. With root require ment or running on virtual Xposed  (which requires no root). We are still looking to hire for this module type and appreciate any help that saints may offer towards availing the same end.

One non-Xposed based approach that works for some is to extract an application's apk file using apps like Apk extractor > unpack the Apk and then replace the image(s) that offends from the res directory (normally in subfolders). I carried out this operation on the myMTN app from a PC (to remove a sad splash image) using just 7zip and paint - and then Apk Easy Tool for signing. The Apk Editor app and a file manager app should be sufficient for those on mobile devices. Comments may be posted here for those requiring help with this.
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