A Christian who find several of Google Play Store images as offensive or inappropriate. I often go there for specific and justifiable applications but often encounter featured apps of all sorts on the landing page. And often times these apps' featured images are found to be offensive or inappropriate. I offen have to disable the app after each use lest the sons should stumble on the same while fiddling with the phone. Have not found an efficient app locker, though that would not solve the concern at hand.

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P.S: You may now try this Android app https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=co.likechrist.lcplaystore by the likeChrist Ministries.

As per some online sources, alternatively, not only is this currently not possible from the native Play Store app, but ever achieving the same should not be a easy task. Especially without root rights. But I agree that this is certainly something that would be found to be of great value for saints looking for a sympathetic Google Play Store experience and we have so far attempted the above mentioned app. We are still considering to possibly pay a developer (if the Lord should permit) to code an application or an Xposes module that should achieve the very same end. And if possible extending the same to non Play Store apps as this not only occur on the Play Store. 

P.S: Please find some options you could consider here

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