We are Christian parents looking to homeschool our only child and wondered if the Accelerated Christian Education (A.C.E) is as evangelically virtuous as it is touted to. We already assert that using non-Christian compiled resources (often flooded with a fallen man's culture or appetites) is never the way to go. And recently came accross the A.C.E curriculum which seems quite established and wondered if anyone has had first hand experience with this. This is mainly because there does not seem to be a preview for their materials - something that would be of great value for parent considering it. While we certainly would be very happy (primarily for Christ's sake) to know that such resources exist, we should not be found as ones who are trying to enforcing that any resources should be it.

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A preview option would certainly be great and perhaps you could contact them for the same courtesy - which request they would certainly have to honor if acting in the best interest of the Lord. Especially since no Gospel ministry can remain true to God unless there is continual fervent prayer - regardless of how old he ministry may be. That unless they have continued thus to be prayerful as they ministered (assuming they were indeed established through fervent prayer), many wolves may have crept in (to the defiling of the work - through careless use of imagery, vanity as well as heresy) at some point between their inception (which was in 1970) and now. There are otherwise testimonies as well on their homepage which may be of some help.

Finding out where exactly they stand is of great interest especially since we at one point attempted to undertake a similar project. One that we indeed stand ready to lay down in A.C.E's favour should it be found fairly evangelical. For the time is indeed short and remains that only what should be done be done. Especially since their service has a multinational coverage.

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