I see it boast's of blocking ads both on mobile as well as computers. Something I find quite interesting considering that I Firefox, the only established browser I knew to offer mobile ads blocking, is sadly quite unstable. After having installed and enoyed an ad free experience for a season, I came across a 'meet singles near you' ad on the same. Something I woyld not appreciate even if I was actually a single myself seeing such is never the best course to take for a Christian looking to enter marriage - but that they are instead admonished to seek amongst them of the house of faith. And wondered if this Brave browser might be the considerations especially above the popular Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Safari - or if there are any known pit falls about it despite such a promising and cross platform feature.

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While the Brave browser is not Christian oriented (as perhaps the Pure Browser touts to to be), such features are covetable as they indeed directly promote personal holiness. And with Firefox thus unstable, the Brave browser can certainly be worth a try. 

As noted on this blog post , a worthy browser (both mobile and computer) should be one that feature image blocking as well. While this is generally catered for on popular computer browsers, mobile browsers continues to suffer a measure of famine in this respect. This meaning that it is worth checking if the Brave browser supports this prior to settling for it for mobile. (I tested and found that it sadly does not support image blocking added below this answer)

Another aspect to note is that a slight lag on page load for these browsers that comes with a built in Browser should be borne with - as this probably happens as they attempt to do a sure ad filtering Job. While 'Ad block browser' may simply have had code related glitches, I feel I was a little impetient with how slowish it would load pages - not at all realizing that the ad filtering task could be the cause if not part of it. Of cause a browser that can swiftly and efficiently filter ads should be most preferred - but forgetting to pay the price for the godly holiness we yearn for shall be a mistake on our part.

Unfortunately, the Brave browser does not support image blocking on their mobile (Android tested) version. Unfortunately, I am of the mind that the ability to block images is as important as being able to block ads. I have otherwise gone on to undertake a simple and yet meant to be efficient browser project here: https://browser.likechrist.co/ (with ads and image blocking features). Only an Android version is available for now.
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