What are the offered benefits of using the Pure Browser touted as Christian developed? Looking to find out if it is at all worth an evangelical Christian's consideration. I assert that a browser developed by a Christian can offer virtuous benefits - as well as receive feature or extensions suggestion. But is the Pure Browser such browser?


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The offer: On their About us it written: Pure Browser automatically filters out over 300 impure words and blocks over 1.9 million impure sites that may cause impure thoughts. While this can certainly be of great value, unless the developers are indeed evangelical in heart, several loop holes must likely exist - which can quickly invalidate any good wrought by the filtered sites and words. Especially since Christian holiness will find fault where many will not.

Improvements: Pure Browser says to invite suggestions that could help make it better. While this would as well great for missing features we may deem necessary, unless the authors are of the same evangelical Spirit, many virtuous suggestions will sadly not make sense to them and should go unconsidered.

Who do we think they are: While not much is said (please see the P.S below), the Pure Browser appears the be affiliated with christianheadlines.com, an Adsense supported news site. Unfortunately, I do currently do not expect any thing of evangelical value from any publisher who uses Adsense or virtually any other similar secular ad networks (of cause many ad networks touted as Christian based are not any evangelical either). And this, amongst others, must mean that they would more than likely be reluctant to adopting ad-blocking related suggestions. The site also covers stories that endorses vanities like Disney's Mickey Mouse. The aggregate of which must mean that Pure Browser cannot be of any evangelical virtue - nor can it be easy to offer suggestions towards making it a Christian's web browsing essential. Yes we still need a sound Christian to undertake similar development. 

P.S: Pure Browser appears to be developed by Salem Web Network (division of Salem Media Group). A more online based company behind several evidently compromised, Christian touted and Adsense supported services and content - such as: GodTube, Crosswalk, Christianity.com, christianheadlines and several others. Which must then even the more suggest that no evangelical virtue can indeed be expected from them. And therefore PureBrowser sadly cannot be that browser a saint (after God's own heart through Christ) longs for.

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