Often times, so it seems, I will switch from a tab (with an opened web page) to another, and when getting back to the previous tab, I find that the tab needs to reload to display the same data it was left displaying. Is there a setting that can be toggled on so opened web page tab data can be stored locally on the browser/device until the tab is closed or refreshed - or could there perhaps be a greater concern on this (such as the browser loading slower when more tabs were left opened)? Thanks

1 Answer

It appears that downloaded tab data is stored on the RAM (for speedy delivery) and therefore that browsers may consider it to unload idle tabs (especially when the device is found to be running low on memory). I have yet to conclude on the subject bu this little piece of info makes a lot of sense I would say. Esseentially meaning that it may not really matter if this is at all a setting that could be toggled off on any given browser.
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