I am a Christian looking to raise funds for a ministry I am engaged with. I am aware of Christian crowdfunding platforms but I cannot find any that proves to be evangelical in their assertions. And am therefore concern that I might be funded compromised funds. I am also aware of many online Christian foundations and grants offers but the same concern exist - its not easy to tell their exact sources for the funds offered. I could ask before applying but is there no better route.

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We also find the idea of evangelical Christian crowdfunding to be a hopeful online resource for ministerial funds raising. And when we could not find one that was worthy amongst existing crowdfunding platforms touted as Christian based, we went on to undertake  the Alms Platform under the likeChrist Ministries umbrella. As for Christian foundations and grants, we mean to undertake a formal review that should try cover several aspects (including funds sources) to hopefully help saints to best tell which is worthier or God-honorable.

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